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Soprano Set up - P. Mauriat PMSS-64 Vintage Series (straight)
Mouthpiece: Vandoren V16 / S6
Reeds: Vandoren ZZ #3.5
Alto Set up - P. Mauriat PMXA-67R (Rolled Tone Holes & large bell)
Vintage Series
Mouthpiece: Jody Jazz DV8
Reeds: Vandoren ZZ #3.5
Tenor Set up - P. Mauriat 66R UL
Mouthpiece: Dave Guardala "Super King"
Reeds: Vandoren ZZ #3.0
Live performance sax rig:
Microphone System: Audio Technica 1400 Series UHF True Diversity wireless system with ATM35cW Mic
Mixer: Rolls RM65 MixMax 6x4 Mixer
For reverb I use the Lexicon "Alex" unit (I just leave it on the #10 vocal plate setting)
For delays & chorus I use the Lexicon MPX100
For harmonies I use the DigiTech Vocalist VR
Cables: All "Monster" cables
All rack mounted in a heavy duty Road Runner rack
Fahrenheit Duo - "Post Cards" - Victor Delagarza (bass guitar) and Mike Reed (alto sax)